• A little about me

    " Parctice makes you Perfect "

    Who is Alaa Tarawneh ?

    An automotive enthusiast , creative marketer and could be called a walking agency , I studied Computer Graphics and Animation in Jordan my beloved country and have a BSc and Dimploma in that field , Certified Digital Marketer with Google, Youtube . worked in a lot of fields ( Animation, Production , Sales , Marketing , Audio Editing , Film Making . 

    mY dRIFT cAREER!

    My passion for drift started at a late stage in my life when I was in Jordan as a friend of mine named Ahmad Daham , I loved cars but this passion grew at a late stage , until one time i was invited to cover an event for Red Bull Car Park drift back in 2013, that was the point when i wanted to be in this sport no matter what.


    In mid of 2013 I moved to Qatar and that was the point where i started to meet a lot of people in the automotive industry and specially from the drift community and went with the flow and purchased my first car in Qatar that was a GT86 .


    in 2015 decided to start my career in drifting and took a course with Pro Drift Academy in Dubai and completed the rookie stage to get familair with pro drifitng and how does it actually work .


    in late 2015 I participated in my frist professional season in Qatar Drift Championship by Qatar Racing Club and went on podium 3 times in a row in the 3 rounds of 2015. 


    More to come in this part and hopefully more podiums to achieve.

  • Achievments 

     list of titles in my career


    Qatar Drift Championship 2015/2016 Season

    1. 3rd Place | Round 1 | Qatar Drift Championship |Season 2015/2016

    2. 1st Place | Round 1 | Qatar Drift Championship |Season 2015/2016

    3. 3rd Place | Round 1 | Qatar Drift Championship |Season 2015/2016


    * 2nd Overall Qatar Drift Championship Season 2015/2016


    - 5th Place Qatar National Sprint - Round 1

    - 8th Place Red Bull Car Park Drift 2017 | Qatar Qualifiers


    - 2nd Place Qatar National Sprint - Round 2

    - 4th Overall Qatar National Sprint 2018

    - 1st Place Kia Cup 2018


    - 2nd Place Drift Karting Championship


    - 3rd Place - Toyota Gazoo Racing - MENA DIGITAL CUP - Distributors' CUP

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